Suntree Internal Medicine Testimonials

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Lana Duncan

I have been seeing Dr. Chan for several years and I love him. He always enters the room with a big smile! He takes his time with you and is very knowledgeable. Today he squeezed me in to give me an injection in my hip that was over the top painful. The shot really helped relieve the pain..........So thankful to have such a caring M.D. close by

Charles Montoya

I can't possibly convey in words how very thankful and grateful I am to have such a fantastic provider! Not only am I pleased to have Dr. Scott Hardoon, the staff has on more than one occasion, gone above and beyond for me! How truly refreshing it is in today's world, to be treated with such kindness and compassion. Thanks so much!

Anonymous Patient

I recently switched my Dr. over to Dr Gary Hardoon. I was having some very scary symptoms that my previous Dr. wasn't really acknowledging and I needed someone to take me seriously and just make 100% sure I wasn't facing a potential cancer diagnosis. I realized I was probably being a bit dramatic but with a family history and my symptoms I was truly scared and felt so defeated when my Dr. didn't treat my concerns as valid. I actually gave up until I decided to reach out on Facebook in the middle of the night. Someone suggested I call Suntree internal medicine. I found this exact form online and filled out an appointment request and someone called me in about an hour! I got in the next day with Dr. Gary Hardoon and actually cried in the parking lot when I left. He listened to me and without a seconds hesitation started ordering tests for me. His confidence and medical knowledge is so reassuring! I have completed my testing and we now know 100% there is no cancer!! I feel like a million pounds was lifted off my shoulders! I cannot thank him enough for treating me with dignity and respect and addressing my concerns as valid and despite the number of diagnostic procedures ordered I got answers in under 6 weeks! Thank you!