Free Antibiotics

Free Antibiotics

Unfortunately, we all get sick.

Fortunately, here at Suntree Internal Medicine, we have you covered.

After our provider examines you, if they feel it is appropriate, we have a multitude of in-house antibiotics that cover a broad range of ailments. Just another step we have taken to cover your needs from start to finish on the road to recovery!

DISCLAIMER: Please understand that manufacturing issues do happen, and if we are unable to provide you with an antibiotic we normally have in stock, we will need to write you a prescription to take to your pharmacy. Also, not all antibiotics work for every illness, so in some cases, the best option will not be a free antibiotic that we carry in house, and a prescription will need to be given. Suntree Internal Medicine will give no compensation if we are unable to give you a free antibiotic.

**We will fill one antibiotic prescription per patient per visit if deemed necessary by your provider**