Dr. Scott Hardoon, MD

Internal Medicine

Dr. Scott Hardoon, MD

Dr. Scott Hardoon is an Internal Medicine physician, Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Dr. Hardoon grew up on Long Island, New York during his youth, and moved to Orlando, Florida with his family during the early 1990’s. After completing high school in Orlando, FL, he was awarded the Florida Academic Scholarship via Bright Futures and chose to pursue his studies at Rollins College, in Winter Park, FL. During his time at Rollins College, he completed his major in Biology while appearing on the President’s List during multiple years.

Soon after graduating, he proceeded down the journey of medical school via AUC School of Medicine. During most of his clinical training, Dr. Hardoon was based in Southfield, MI and rotated through St. John Hospital as well as St. John Providence Hospital in Southeast Michigan. However, his ultimate goal was to get back to the warm weather of Florida and he was delighted to be able to rotate through Cleveland Clinic in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, as well as Bayfront Medical Center, in St. Petersburg, FL.

After graduating medical school, Dr. Hardoon was very fortunate to secure a spot in Orlando Regional Medical Center to continue his training in Internal Medicine for the next 3 years, which was his hometown program where he always dreamed of being trained. During his training, he started to place an emphasis on the geriatric and primary care aspect of Internal Medicine. After completing his Internal Medicine Residency in 2011, he joined Suntree Internal Medicine, where he can continue to pursue his passion while administering Primary Care to the ever enlarging population of the Space Coast.

Dr. Hardoon’s hobbies include traveling the world and experiencing new cultures as well as staying close to home and spending quality time with his family. Dr. Hardoon is blessed to have his wife, Katy, by his side, along with their 3 beautiful children, Ashley, Milania, and Emily. Dr. Hardoon continues to look forward to being a part of this community for many years to come.