Preventive Care

Book a routine health check-up.

We offer routine health check-ups. Every year, millions of people die from something that could have been prevented if the proper preventative care measures had been taken. Preventative care is especially important due to the rising deaths caused by chronic diseases worldwide. Health, disease, and disability encompass a variety of mental and physical states which are affected by genetic predisposition, disease agents, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices. These dynamic processes almost always begin before a person realizes that they are being affected. That is why disease prevention relies heavily on anticipatory actions.

Adults and children alike should visit their doctors regularly throughout the year for routine check-ups, even if they feel healthy. Preventative healthcare check-ups should include identifying risk factors for disease, screenings for common diseases, and discussing tips for leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It is extremely important that individuals stay up to date with all boosters and immunizations. Maintaining a good relationship with your healthcare provider is essential to your long term health and well-being. The most common disease screenings include checking for high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, high blood sugar and diabetes, pap tests (for cervical cancer), mammograms (for breast cancer), screenings for depression, osteoporosis, STDs, colon cancer, and genetic disorders or predispositions to certain diseases.